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Trump You Donald Trump Games


Trump You Donald Trump Game: The grating square-faced Trump with a possessed obsession for his hair bops around your screen, sleeping and snoring. He has earned hate among people of the city with his racist view and they wouldn’t spare a chance to show their anguish.
Take the chance to use the uber cool way of supporting them by hitting him with eggs,beat him and take revenege of all the sh*t he talks about.
As you keep hitting and beating him and progress on level bar, he trips to his favorite hot spot- the barber’s shop. Go hit him there and he’d hop around elsewhere. While you do this, earn cookie points, beat your own score and scale higher.
The sound of snores and his depraved smile is bound to make you angry out of wits too. Trump still go blabbering, you’d still go hitting. And oh that oomph of pleasure when he screams at the hit! It is bound to give you the sadistic pleasure! Miss hitting or beating him and he’d laugh at you, restart immediately and proceed.
While you pin around in the game, a suddenly angry Trump appears. Hit him and he’ll hit you back, GAME OVER!The game is certain to be your newest stress-relieving addiction, especially if you start hating Trump.
;) ;)
Hit him when he’s in the axis
Don’t jump the red line
The higher you shoot, the better you score
Little Angry Trump on screen? Do not hit him, if you beat him the little trump will be all over your phone and the game will be over.
Download and play trump you for free on your android device and play the game without internet too.